The MelaNation Manifesto

MelaNation’s first issue, ‘agitate the administration,’ was published in April 2017. You can view an excerpt from the first issue below, called ‘The MelaNation Manifesto.’

The MelaNation Manifesto

Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) is a diverse collective of young Black activists who engage in nonviolent direct action, advocate in local and national spheres, and learn through radical pro-Black political education. We work through a Black queer feminist lens and fight for justice for all Black people. The DC chapter of BYP100, BYP100 DC, invites you into a creative world where Black folks in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area use art to explore what resistance means to us and what justice and liberation could look like in our communities. This creative world is MelaNation.

IMG_2141MelaNation aims to be a well of reflection that uplifts the legacy of Black creativity and storytelling to agitate mainstream agendas and advocate for Black liberation.

This fight is particularly relevant given the nation’s current political landscape. The Trump Administration has steadily threatened the freedom that we, as Black people, already have and the freedom that we seek. But as residents living so close to one of the most destructive U.S. administrations in modern history, we continue to demand control of our Black streets, our Black communities, and our Black lives.

Thusly, for MelaNation’s first issue, BYP100 DC put out a call for submissions to Black artists and writers in the DC area to address the following prompt:

What does Black resistance look like to you, especially as we enter an era of increased hostility as white nationalists gain political power?

The submissions that BYP100 DC received to this prompt were reflective, hopeful, angry, somber, energizing, inquisitive, loving, and unapologetic. The contributors engage their radical imagination to explore their activism using poetry, illustration, screenprinting, and more. We hope that MelaNation readers will also engage their radical imagination and join the fight.

Welcome to MelaNation.

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