ELIXHER magazine features MelaNation!

This week, MelaNation was featured on ELIXHER — “a collection of all things queer, culture, and current.” As a GLAAD Media Award nominated website and magazine, ELIXHER centers Black queer women, trans women, and nonbinary people as it aims to inform, uplift, comment, and reflect. Sound a little like BYP100?

The magazine interviewed our very own MelaNation co-director Jordan DeLoach about how MelaNation got started, and where we plan to take it.

We have so much gratitude to ELIXHER for the opportunity. Being featured on a website whose mission intertwines with our own demonstrates the power of connectivity in liberation work. Like Assata said, “We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” 

Check out the piece to learn more.

You can follow ELIXHER on Instagram or Twitter at @elixhermagazine and visit ELIXHER’s website to learn more about their work.

—Darya Nicol

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