MelaNation available at Fantom Comics, Duende District Bookstore!

I got some good news, y’all. Copies of MelaNation’s first and second issues, “agitate the administration” and “the music edition,” are now available at two independent bookstores in DC!


MelaNation issue 1 is now available at Fantom Comics, a comic book shop in DuPont Circle in DC (images courtesy of Fantom Comics)


Fantom Comics is a dope independent comic book shop in DuPont Circle that has all types of comic books – superhero, horror, sci-fi, manga, independent, for kids, and more. The first time I went to Fantom Comics was around the Fall of 2016 during my lunch break at work. I was struck by the variety of comic book genres along the shelves; the comic art adorning the walls; the friendly and knowledgable nature of the staff; and the small section of the store that is specifically for zines. I’d never seen a zine section in a bookstore before, and this was the first time the idea of creating a zine rattled in my head. Months later, it feels so good to have one of MelaNation’s issues, “agitate the administration,” in the zine section of the store! Thanks so much to the Fantom Comics team for their work and support.


MelaNation issues 1 and 2 are now available at Duende District, a pop up bookstore in La Mano Coffee Bar in the historic Takoma Park neighborhood in DC


Duende District is a pop up bookstore with a mission “to bring a highly inclusive and pleasurable general bookstore experience in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas, serving a multicultural community with an equally multicultural ownership/staff.” Duende District specifically focuses on Black, Latinx, and immigrant communities throughout the DMV; and we’re so grateful to have our first and second issues available at the store! The pop up is currently in La Mano, a cute, independent coffee shop near the Takoma Park metro station, until August 31. You can stay up to date with the pop up’s location on their website. Duende District is such a cool bookshop with an incredible mission and a great selection of books by people of color; and La Mano has an intimate vibe that works great for this kind of shop. 

Thanks so much to everyone who supports and engages with MelaNation. This ride has been so challenging, fulfilling, and fun; and I’m excited to see where we go together! Once you read MelaNation’s issues by getting them at Fantom Comics, Duende District, or by reading them online, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Jordan DeLoach

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