#28DaysOfBlackLove: A Time to Celebrate Our Blackness and Our Love

BHM Black Love Themes_v1-01

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth! For us, every day is a celebration of unapologetic beauty, grace, and strength of our Blackness but February is a special time of the year where get to amplify our love for Black people. That is why we invite you to join us in our 2nd Annual #28DaysofBlackLove campaign, where we’ll take action together each week to honor the liberating power of Black Love.

For the launch of the campaign today, we’re calling for our people to uplift how they see love in action. Using the hashtag #28DaysofBlackLove on social media, celebrate a loved one by posting a brief love letter to a Black person who has loved you and/or a love letter to *all* Black people holistically.

Black Love is a crucial element in our freedom and ability to thrive – none of us would be here without a Black person showing us we are worthy of unwavering, radical love. So think about who has loved on you in ways that have transformed or inspired you. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #28DaysofBlackLove to share with us!

Stay tuned to our Twitter (@BYP_100) and our Facebook (facebook.com/BYP100) for updates throughout the month.



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