Thank you for your interest in donating to MelaNation! Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical difficulties and cannot currently accept donations online. We have faith that the issue will be fixed soon! Please check back around late August/early September for opportunities to donate.

MelaNation is an emerging project that needs community support to thrive. In early 2017, BYP100 DC raised around $2,100 on YouCaring in order to launch the zine. Donated funds supported the printing and assemblage of the zine; compensating the zine’s incredibly talented contributors; and hosting our launch party in April 2017. We would not have been able to afford creating the zine without donations from people like you, and we appreciate your kindness and support so much.

Once we are able to accept donations again, donated funds will be used to help us print, assemble, and distribute our zines; develop our digital platforms; run poetry and zine-making workshops for youth groups; host community events; and compensate MelaNation’s contributors. We hope that, with your continued support, MelaNation will be a creative space for Black folks to explore what resistance means to us and to imagine what justice and liberation could look like in our communities. Thank you for your time and interest in donating to us – it means a lot to us at BYP100 DC. Please stay tuned for future opportunities to support!

The MelaNation Team